March 2020 Update


News / Information

Bio Mass has been harvested!

40 tons of dried, bucked, and ready for wholesale at 2.40/point at 10%-17.4% CBD.

Lifter and 5 other strains of bud trimmed for smokable available in one pound units.

Shredding/Milling service is available - We have two machines and charge $20/20 lbs. of flower to mill it.

Inquiries to  612-599-2987

Extraction Information

Our Hemp extract is produced using a low temperature CO2 extraction process (free of harmful solvents), to yield a natural hemp oil extract that retains its full spectrum of beneficial compounds.  This clean extraction process fully optimizes the plant's naturally occurring terpenes, flavonoids, antioxidants, and multiple phytonutrie

Seed & Clones for sale

Varieties: Cherry Wine, The Wife, Blue Genius Cherry Blossom, Blue Genius, The Wife, Cherry, Wu2, Remission, Jupiter Midwest, Cherry Diesel, Sweet Cherry Wine, Mountain Mango, Baox and Lifter. Additional CBG Matterhorn strain available early April. Call for pricing.

We have 12  CBD strains of clones available to order. 

To place an order call or email us with your license to cultivate. We collect 50% in advance on all clones orders. Second half payment due on day of pickup or delivery. Orders over 12 trays are eligible ( additional fees applicable)for delivery. 

We have COA's on all varieties we sell...

72 clones per tray... 2 tray minimum... $720 per tray

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

About Us


Licensed by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture


HSM Partner, Jamie Warndahl Exhibiting in Fergus Falls at this years annual MCIA meeting.

We are growing for Flower

Importing seed from Colorado, to harvest for flower with an indoor/outdoor grow operation. Much of what we harvest will be process for CBD oil. 

In 2019 we procured  seed for 12 licensed farms. And sold 7 varieties of Clones to 13 licensed growers in North Dakota, Wisconsin and Minnesota.


Paul Frank, exhibiting at the 2019 Minnesota State Fair

We hope to see additional licensees growing industrial hemp...for flower, grain, Hurd and Fiber to expand the many uses...which in turn expands farming prosperity. We will Consult and Adivise those interested in the cultivation and harvesting of Industrial Hemp. 



Are there minimum requirements to start a hemp farm? 

1. You must be able to secure a license to farm hemp from the Department of Ag.  

2. You must have water rights - or - a contract with Local Water Delivery Company.  

3. You must have equipment for planting, watering, harvesting and storing hemp.  

4. In order to ensure a buy back you must employ ethical and green farming practices.You must know the specifics on how to harvest a hemp crop.   

Do I need to check for specific zoning issues?  

Call your county’s planning and zoning department and to verify if your land is agriculturally zoned and if there are any restrictions or requirements you should know about!  

How do I know my crop will pass test for THC?  

We rigorously test our strains to ensure you are getting a genuine hemp strain. However, sometimes altitude, sun exposure or other farms can lead to a hot test. We recommend testing as early as 3 weeks and obeying all state regulations, always!  

What Kind of farm equipment is needed?  

The hemp plant is an extremely durable plant that can be hard on harvesting equipment. You will need equipment that can plant, harvest, water and store your hemp. Contact us if you would like a tailored hemp farm equipment consultation!  

How do I start Farming hemp?  

If you would like to buy seed or clones outright, visit our Store. If you are interested in a sharecropping partnership, fill out our pre qualification app to see if your land qualifies to partner with our organization to cultivate industrial hemp!

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Visit us at our booth in the Dairy Building at the 2020 Minnesota State Fair!


Contact us regarding partnerships, Clone, seed orders, indoor/outdoor grow options, and more.

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